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6 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Going MIA

Recently, my neighbor called me to help her return a dog that was sitting outside her fence gate.  The unknown terrier mix , later identified, as Rudy, was attracted to her property because her dogs were in their back yard.  … Continue reading

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Zeke – Highly Excitable to Calm State of Mind

I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Zeke, an English Bull Terrier and his loving parents, Dr. Glen and Mrs. McClure and their staff at Strong Veterinary Hospital, Livonia, Michigan.  Zeke had the problem of becoming overly aroused … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Prevent Heat Exhaustion in Your Dog

Heat exhaustion in dogs is a very serious medical condition.  It can happen suddenly making medical treatment necessary to save your dog’s life.  What does it look like?  A dog experiencing heat exhaustion will appear lethargic, listless, and almost drunk … Continue reading

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