How Not to Exercise Your Dog

Question:  Does this dog have aspirations to be a sled or weight pulling dog?  It almost appears as if he is pulling the car.  LOL

Now to get serious:  I applaud the dog’s owner for being creative and ensuring his dog receives aerobic exercise at a local park.  However, this is not a safe way to exercise your dog!

The risk is too great for the dog to be crushed by the vehicle’s tires, the owner may not be able to maintain his grip on the leash if the dog lunges to chase squirrels or dogs, and this is taking multi-tasking to the extreme.  We have laws to prevent drivers from texting while driving.  Do we need to enact laws to prevent running your dog out the window while driving? A little tongue in cheek but come on, really?!    : )

So I stopped to chat with the man and pointed out that this was not a safe practice for his dog.  The initial conversation went like this:

Me:  Looks like your dog is getting some great exercise but that’s not a safe way to do it.

Owner:  Oh I’ve been doing this for years and he hasn’t gone under the tires yet.

Me:  That’s the key word, “yet.”

Owner:  I guess you’re right but he doesn’t go near the tires, unless he’s chasing a squirrel or something.

Me:  So he does go near the tires some times.

Owner:  Well sometimes.

We then talked briefly about some options for him such as:

I don’t know if he will heed the advice but I thought I would write a blog post on it.  So if you see someone running their dog out the window, please make similar suggestions to them as how they can safely exercise their dog.

About Michael Burkey

Michael Burkey is a professional dog trainer, behaviorist and owner of, a highly successful dog training company whose aim is to promote peaceful relationships between pets and families. Additionally, he is an expert trial witness, certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC), former Police K9 Handler, Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 Training Director and SAR K9 Handler, obedience and rally competitor and social worker. Dog training is a complex science and art requiring knowledge of behavioral science and learning. You can rely on Michael's experience, teaching methods, and integrity. He can be contacted at or 734-634-4152.
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3 Responses to How Not to Exercise Your Dog

  1. K9 Coach says:

    Great post. Sometimes its the things people just consider something my dog does out of human laziness and, “I tried it one time and it worked.”… that can be the biggest mistake ever!

    Granted sometimes I like to do “fun” things too that aren’t that safe… but jeez… there are a lot of safer routes these days to have fun with and get appropriate exercise! 🙂 I tend to choose those now that I know!

    Aloha Wags!

  2. I use to see people do this all the time in Anchorage Alaska. There they wouldnt have the dog on a leash, they just took them to a park, took off the leash and drove around while the dog “chased” the car.

    • Nice, teach dogs to chase cars, there’s an idea. But this is a common thing we don’t think of sometimes. It provides exercise for the dog and in Alaska there is a lot more room than in the lower states. But what they don’t consider is what if that one time the dog runs off and is hit by a car, scares a person off their bicycle causing injury even though the dog never touched the person or chases wildlife (such as a bear in Alaska, etc).

      Or whatever none of that happens but we now have inadvertently taught the dog chasing cars is fun so now when they escape from the yard, what is likely to happen? Will the dog ponder whether he should or shouldn’t chase that moving car because it’s not his owners? I don’t think so. Lol

      Thanks for sharing your Alaska insight Summer.

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