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Pet CPR and First Aid – Would You Know What to Do?

If your pet was injured and in distress would you know how to deliver first aid and/or CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation)?  Last weekend, I attended a workshop entitled “E7 Palozza” at That’s My Dog!, a superb dog training facility in … Continue reading

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Wolf Packs Dog Collars are the Best

I’m often asked what kind of dog collar do I prefer my dogs or client dogs wear for control and identification purposes.  The answer is – martingale style collars made/sold by Wolf Packs.  They are what all my dogs wear … Continue reading

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Lab Recommences Camping Trips

Finley, a Labrador Retriever of Dearborn Heights, Michigan had a problem with barking and pulling on a leash upon seeing other dogs. Her owners wanted to take her on  camping trips up north. However, this would be next to impossible due … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “How to Find a Professional Dog Trainer”

Professional Dog Trainer Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog! in Dubuque, Iowa recently wrote an excellent blog post entitled, “How to Find a Professional Dog Trainer.”  She expanded on common suggestions that are found on the internet. It really is … Continue reading

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Dalmatian Owner’s Words of Thanks

Today I received this wonderful word of thanks on my Michigan Dog Training facebook page from Marc Lisnov, owner of two Dalmatians.  Thanks Marc!  It is much appreciated. It’s because of you and other wonderful dog lovers that I am … Continue reading

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Dalmatian Learns to Relax and Play with Dogs

Mike,  I just wanted you to know, that you getting him (Keeper) in the collar (remote training collar), and showing me how to work with him and the collar, has allowed Keeper to do something healthy, and fun for him, … Continue reading

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