New CGC Stars at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan

On Wednesday September 25, 2013 all six students and their dogs in the Michigan Dog Training LLC “Canine Good Citizen (CGC)” group dog training class passed the American Kennel Club‘s CGC evaluation. It’s ten step program measures a dog’s skill in obedience training and good manners around other dogs and people.  The dogs’ handlers also pledged to be responsible dog owners. The evaluation was administered by MDT Certified Dog Trainer Wendy Bemis and witness by MDT’s President and Dog Behaviorist Michael Burkey.

The dogs were of various breeds and a couple of them were Feisty Fidos at one time, meaning that they didn’t particularly feel safe around other dogs and showed their insecurity by barking and lunging at other dogs. However, through private training lessons at MDT followed by the CGC class, their confidence grew enabling them to become good canine citizens.

MDT congratulates the following dog teams for passing the CGC evaluation:

1. Denise Fuller and Paisley, Standard Poodle of Canton, Michigan

2. George Shay and Murphy, German Sheperd of Belleville, Michigan

3. Carol Eisenstein and Molly, Newfoundland of Plymouth, Michigan

4. John Fishback Jr. and Dixie, Southern Blackmouth Cur of Garden City, Michigan

5. Julie Nelson and Bentley, German Shepherd of Plymouth, Michigan and

6. Lauren Zialkowski and Zelda, Miniature Schnauzer of Livonia, Michigan

The next set of group classes start the week of October 21, 2013. For more information, visit Michigan Dog Training or call 734-634-4152.  MDT also offers a wide variety of group classes and private training services.

standardpoodle newfie murphy minschnauzer fishback bentley

About Michael Burkey

Michael Burkey is a professional dog trainer, behaviorist and owner of, a highly successful dog training company whose aim is to promote peaceful relationships between pets and families. Additionally, he is an expert trial witness, certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC), former Police K9 Handler, Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 Training Director and SAR K9 Handler, obedience and rally competitor and social worker. Dog training is a complex science and art requiring knowledge of behavioral science and learning. You can rely on Michael's experience, teaching methods, and integrity. He can be contacted at or 734-634-4152.
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