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Testimonial – Dog gets another chance to remain with family with specialized dog training at Michigan Dog Training LLC

Daisy, a hound mix attended our puppy socialization and basic manners group classes.  She received the socialization and training that she needed as she was on the shy side but her family realized they needed more specialized help. Therefore, they … Continue reading

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Shock collar keeps dog and owner safe and healthy

Unfortunately, there is still much misinformation in the public domain about the use of shock collars (or as more properly called remote training collars) in the training of pet dogs.  I find many clients have already bought a shock collar … Continue reading

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Dog hikes and socialization

The “Awesome Dog Adventures” Face Book group is a free meet up group for dogs and their companions who have completed training with Michigan Dog Training LLC. They hike together at local parks and downtown areas, swim at a local beach and attend off … Continue reading

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New pet dog, Sonic – day 3

Well it’s day three for “Sonic” (appropriately named Sonic Boom due to his energy and speed) at our home and he is adjusting well.  It’s a time not only for him to adjust to a new home environment but also … Continue reading

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Charlie, lab learns new manners

Charlie a yellow lab is a bundle of joy and often times that comes with some undesirable behaviors such as jumping on guests, not coming when called, mouthing owners’ hands and pulling on the leash during walks.  Via four in-home … Continue reading

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Train your dog while multitasking

Dog trainers are often asked how owners can find time in their busy days to train their dog.  The second question that comes up is how often and how long to train their dog.  That was addressed in an earlier … Continue reading

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Tips for Introducing Children to Dogs

The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen blog recently posted excellent tips for introducing Children to Dogs, entitled, “What to Do When a Child is Afraid of Your Dog.”  I’d like to add, taking time with the child and dog … Continue reading

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