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Testimonial – We had the most peaceful walk

Kalin, a former Dog Shelter Director had trained her dog, Oakley, a Standard Poodle, using positive reinforcement methods.  However, it was still difficult to walk her on a loose leash especially around other dogs.  Oakley commonly pulls hard toward the … Continue reading

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Pros and cons of electronic confinement systems for dogs

Dog trainers are often asked if they recommend electronic confinement systems for dogs. You’re likely to receive one of two responses either pro or con depending upon the trainer’s background.  The trainers who align themselves with what they call “pure … Continue reading

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“I Learned How to….Use it as a Positive Teaching Device”

May 15, 2011 Hi Mike,  Working with you has made a difference in both our approach to training Pippin and our understanding of his behavior problems.  We have participated in various obedience classes with our dogs over the years and … Continue reading

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